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How Do I Listen?

Here are four easy ways you can hear our programs:

1. iTunes: Go to and download the free iTunes software, which works great as a jukebox for your computer even if you don't have an iPod. Then click here to subscribe to The Strip or here to subscribe to The Petcast and you'll automatically get new shows when they're posted.

2. TheStripPodcast.Com or ThePetcast.Com: All over the main websites for The Strip and The Petcast, you'll see links to shows, including in the Important Links section, listed by date or number. Click on them and a new window will open and the show will load, then start to play. If you don't want to hear it right then, then RIGHT-CLICK on the same link and use the "Save as..." choice to save it to your hard drive. Then listen to it whenever you wish.

3. The LISTEN NOW or PUPUPLAYER button: Click on the LISTEN NOW button atop TheStripPodcast.Com or the PupuPlayer button in the right column of ThePetcast.Com. The most recent show will automatically play in the cute little player. You can select any of them to play there.

4. MySpace: Go to and the WebJay player on the site will automatically start to play our most recent show. Other shows are also available in the player. A MySpace page for ThePetcast is coming soon.


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