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A Twice-Weekly Audio Guide To Household Pets...and Their Humans!
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Your Hosts

Emily Richmond is an education reporter for the Las Vegas Sun who competes in agility trials with her schnauzer, Archie.

Steve Friess is a
Las Vegas-based freelance writer. He and his partner, Miles, can hardly figure out how to housebreak their chihuahuas, Black and Jack.

Molly Ball covers politics for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. She and her fiance have two cats, Stuff-stuff and Heavy, aka "the dudes."


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* * *

No. 100: A Petcast Centennial!

For our 100th show, Emily blindfolds Steve and forces him to determine what sort of animals are placed in his hands. Then they discuss these animals with Cindy Bezard of Boulder City, Nevada, who raises the critters. Plus, Steve and Emily expound upon what they’ve learned in 100 shows.

* * *

No. 99: Dogs That Inspired Great Authors

Author Maureen Adams of “Shaggy Muses” joins us to discuss her new book about the dogs that inspired such great female authors as Emily Dickinson, Edith Wharton, Emily Bronte and Virginia Wolff. Plus, Steve’s favorite animal book is… “Flowers For Algernon?” and Emily explains her new agility-obedience activity called “rally.”

* * *

No. 98: One Woman's Pet Food Nightmare

Two of Julie Nelson's bichon frises at a fundraiser

Julie Nelson of Harlan, Ky., tells her horror story of losing three dogs to Purina pet food poisoning last year. Nelson also runs a bichon frise rescue in her region. Plus, Emily suspects the AKC sold hers and Archie's name and address to solicitors like the Franklin Mint for a ceramic plate with a schnauzer on it. She also explains her opposition to what she calls Schnauzereria (sp?) and then talks about one piece of same she actually wants.

* * *

No. 97: The Bionic Paw

Click image to enlarge

Vet surgeon Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick joins us by phone from Britain to explain his revolutionary surgery, giving cancer-stricken Storm a bionic paw. Fitzpatrick's operation is a major breakthrough. Also, Emily acknowledges bulldogs are cute after all -- but withholds similar love for ferrets -- and we share a list from Cesar Milan of things people can do for their local pet shelters.

* * *

No. 96: The Animal Obesity Epidemic

Animal obesity vet Dr. George Fahey of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana explains the obesity epidemic in pets. Plus, Emily explains the scandal surrounding malnourished and diseased cats at a facility associated with our guests from show No. 74, F.L.O.C.K.

* * *

No. 95: Why Auctioning Pets Is Bad

Doug Duke of the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals discusses the Michael Vick dogfighting case, silent auctions of dogs and the update on the Las Vegas shelter that had to destroy thousands of dogs and cats. Also, Emily updates us on Georgia Peach and the Petcasters discuss what fluids, other than water, are OK for pets.

* * *

No. 94: The Music Special

Steve surprises Emily by bringing on musician Knight Berman Jr. of Marble Tea, whose tune "Banana Cat" has served as The Petcast bumper music for more than a year. Berman also unveils a new cat-themed tune and Steve also plays a very, very unusual rendition of "Love Me Do" by the Beatles. Marble Tea is at Also, Steve vents about a silent auction he attended where a puppy was being sold and Emily claims she is no longer being stalked by that neighborhood cat.

* * *

No. 93: CuteOverload Overload!

Meg Frost, the owner of CuteOverload.Com, explains how her site became so popular and how she chooses what's cute and what's not so cute. Don't forget to also check out UglyOverload.Com, the parody site that Meg also finds funny. Plus, Emily explains how advice given to her by author Brian Kilcommons regarding Archie and children turned out to work.

* * *

No. 92: The Joy of Pitbulls

With pitbulls in the news amid the Michael Vick dog-fighting controversy, Leslie Nuccio of Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls ( discusses the challenges facing breed. Also, we respond to a listener's email about how or whether to add a second cat to her household.

* * *

No. 91: Georgia Peach's Close Call

Emily's sister's lab Georgia Peach miraculously survives bloat, a usually fatal and sudden intestinal problem. Georgia Peach was at a doggie summer camp, Camp Four Paws, which is a whole other matter. Plus, Steve is stumped by how to stop Jack from freaking out whenever he sees another animal or person on their walks and Steve relates that his grandfather, who died a few weeks ago, spoke on his deathbed of his favorite childhood pet, a dog named Teddy.

* * *

No. 90: The Bark, The Magazine

The Bark magazine editor Claudia Kawczynska explains her more literary approach to pet magazines and books the company is launching. Also, Air Canada decides to stop any transporting animals from now on because of space restrictions in cargo holds and allergy concerns in the cabin. Also, ex-con Paris Hilton is reported a lousy pet owner but we play a clip of Jewel from "The Strip" talking about a more appropriate approach to celebrity pet ownership: Keeping it to themselves.

* * *

No. 89: PetCo and Its Foundation

Paul Jolly, director of the PetCo Foundation, describes the pet-retailer giant's good works, discusses the outcome of the pet-food recall and chats about a celebrity animal-rights group called Actors and Others For Animals. Plus, we ponder a bizarre negative advertisement for Scooter, a one-eyed chihuahua on Petfinder.Com. (The link is now dead.)

* * *

No. 88: The Ins and Outs of Pet Insurance

When is pet insurance a good idea? How does it work? Dr. Kent Kruse of Veterinary Pet Insurance, the nation's oldest such company, answers those questions and more. Plus, following up on cockroaches as pets, a USA Today story reports that chickens are now becoming more common as domestic animals. Huh?

* * *

No. 87: The Newest Craze is...Cockroaches?

Steve and guest hosts Amy and Bay from the Grits to Glitz podcast discuss their respective dog issues and ponder some recent news items indicating that -- no joke! -- people are starting to cultivate cockroaches as pets. We also play a related clip from the brilliant NPR show "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me."

* * *

No. 86: Amazing Pet Reunification Tales

Jill Jones, a reporter for the Apache Junction News in the Phoenix suburb of Apache Junction whose amazing investigative reporting helped an 80-year-old woman recover her stolen dog, 2-year-old terrier/beagle mix Bobby (pictured above). Emily and John both had some amazing reunification stories of their own. Plus, John claims the Beatles recorded a dog whistle on the inner groove of the vinyl versions of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

* * *

No. 85: Investigating Crimes Against Pets

Dr. Melinda Merck, one of the nation's pioneering forensic veterinarians, discusses the emerging field of using information about cruelty and attacks on animals to solve violent crimes. Merck, based in Atlanta, has a new book out called "Veterinary Forensics: Animal Cruelty Investigations" and is co-founder and vice president for Georgia Legal Professions For Animals, an association of professionals who facilitate the education of state prosecutors, judges and law enforcement on veterinary forensics. The Hoarding Consortium, which Dr. Merck discusses, is here. Plus, guest host John Katsilometes relates childhood memories of his father's vet practice in southeastern Idaho, including an emergency call to save an owl.

* * *

No. 84: Hating Snakes, Loving Bulldogs

Emily is prompted to apologize for remarks about bulldogs on a recent show that drew the ire of some of our favorite fellow podcasters, Amy and Bay of "Grits To Glitz." Then, Emily's sister Marcy joins us to talk about a frightening encounter on a bike ride with a rattlesnake and other Richmond family small-critter antics.

* * *

No. 83: Integrating Babies and Pets

Emily and John are joined by Emily's friend in Mountain View, Calif., who describes the issues involved with introducing a baby human with her cat, Bowzer, and dog, Sammy. John? Who's John? Well, that's John Katsilometes, an entertainment writer for Greenspun Media Group in Las Vegas. True to his name, Kats has cats and discusses the challenge he and his girlfriend had blending their feline families.

* * *

No. 82: Guinea Pigs and Pocket Pets Pondered

Barbara Osborne, a guinea pig expert (she has 12 of them, one of which is pictured above!) from Palm City, Fla., joins Steve, Emily and studio guest/bird expert Amy of Grits to Glitz podcast to discuss the idea of pocket pets. Is there such a thing as a "starter" pet? Steve thinks maybe. Barbara suggested a few websites for guinea pig owners to find good equipment, including Guineapigcages.Com and GuineaPigHome.Com.

* * *

No. 81: Dead Bird in the Studio!

Emily's neighborhood and household is full of mysteries: Why is Archie getting up so early, why was Emily's dog-walker taking him on a gigantic walk and what are those dead yellow birds we talked about on her sidewalk? We deal with all that and more. Amy from GritstoGlitz.Com joined us in the studio and got a surprise - Emily brought in one of the dead birds in a Tupperware. Amy tells us what the birds are and offers ideas as to what they are. Also, Emily references this Newsweek piece in which a woman writes about shooting an uber-annoying bird.

* * *

No. 80: Stalking Cats, Dancing Dogs

Patie Ventre, president of the World Canine Freestyle Organization, discusses her national organization in which people dance with their pets. Also, Emily claims a cat in her neighborhood stalks her and Archie.

* * *

No. 79: Paula Poundstone's Pet Parade

Comic Paula Poundstone has "11 cats, a big stupid dog, two tadpoles, a bearded dragon lizard, and a bunny." The "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" regular panelist joins Steve and Emily to talk about her brood and to explain the difference between being a cat enthusiast and being "the cat lady."

* * *

No. 78: San Francisco's Dog Politics

Surveys show San Francisco is the No. 1 place for dog owners in the United States, but that doesn't mean that everyone gets along. Controversies surrounding dog parks and leashing have erupted, so the city set up what it believes to be the only municipal Dog Advisory Committee in the nation. What do they do? We ask Bob Palacio, the city staffer who oversees it. Also, Emily and Steve don't quite buy the recent study that claims that the direction of the dog's wag represents the dog's happiness.

* * *

No. 77: Hope For Animals With Cancer

Dr. Gerald Post, founder of the Animal Cancer Foundation, discusses new treatments and research and responds to the question of whether it's appropriate to do heroic treatments for pets.

Also, Emily related the tale of losing her famly dog and Steve talks about a CuteWithChris.Com episode about a cat that got a makeover.

* * *

No. 76: The Death and Ressurection of Bluey

This is not Bluey. But Bluey looks like this.

Emily hurts herself at dog agility practice, Steve wonders how to avoid having his dogs ruin a new $4,000 couch -- for which he only paid $1,200, fyi -- and Emily's sister is baffled by the death and ressurrection of Bluey the Beta Fish. Also, should you rat out ferret owners and Steve talks about the ferret and bunny he once owned. Briefly in both cases.

* * *

No. 75: The Parakeet on the Sidewalk

Emily is baffled by the parakeets that seem to have colonized in her neighborhood. That is, she thinks they're parakeets. Take a look and tell us. Also, Emily wonders why Archie wakes her up but not her dog walker and Steve reports on how happy his two dogs are now that Dicky has moved away.

* * *

No. 74: Kittens in the Studio!

See two brief videos here and here

Folks from the feral-cat rescue group F.L.O.C.K. join Emily and Steve in the studio with three adorable kittens available for adoption. They're so CUTE, but they don't seem to have much use for Steve. Jimmy, our cat-allergic engineer, however, was a big draw, of course.

* * *

No. 73: Revisiting Tail-docking, Ear Cropping and the Iditarod

We return to several controversial topics of late. Emily responds to a scathing letter about the taildocking and ear-cropping chat from No. 66 and then we chat with Margery Glickman of the Sled Dog Action Coalition, who asked to respond to Iditarod trainer Vern Halter's comments about the conditions of the dogs on episode No. 69.
It's not ALL serious, though. Emily treats us to a bit of audio theater as she narrates a very funny diary of a dog and cat from the Internet.

* * *

No. 72: Dogs + Yoga = Doga!?!

Yoga instructor Brenda Bryan of Bellevue, Washington, explains her doggie yoga class, created for the Seattle Humane Society to encourage people to do stuff with their animals. Plus, Emily tells all about her and Archie's eventful recent three-day dog agility trial competition. Later, Emily explains how she and Archie once one a -- get this! -- dog dancing contest!

* * *

No. 71: Petcasters Squabble!

Steve and Emily get into a tense tussle over open feeding! Plus, animal behaviorist vet Dr. Lynn Seibert joins us to explain, among other things, how she got a dog to stop pulling hair out of a cat. Also, an update on the pet food recall.

* * *

No. 70: Fun With Ferrets

The cutest ferret pic we found online

Pat Wright, founder of Ferrets Anonymous and LegalizeFerrets.Org, explains the struggles of California ferret owners because the Golden State is one of two states where ferrets are not legal. Hawaii is the other. Wright discusses recent failed legislation in Sacramento to make it OK for ferret owners to come out of the closet and some unfortunate polling results showing only 38 percent of Californians support legalizing the "domesticated weasels."

Plus, Emily joins Molly and Steve via phone from agility trials to report on how Archie did.

* * *

No. 69: Iditarod Trainer in the Hot Seat

Vern Halter with his dogs during an Iditarod

On Steve's honeymoon in Alaska, he and his partner visited Vern Halter's Dream A Dream Dog Farm for an exhilarating dog-sled ride. After Steve returned home, though, he read a scathing column by a PETA member about alleged abuse of the sled dogs in the Iditarod. Halter, has run several Iditarod and Yukon Quest rides and trains dog teams in Willow, Alaska, responds and describes the life of his Alaskan huskies.

Plus, Steve and Molly consider the tale of a Utah man convicted of abusing kittens to gain a would-be paramour's sympathy.

* * *

No. 68: No Chicks For Easter

Not only is it a bad idea to give pet bunnies for Easter, but baby chicks may be an even worse idea. Dr. Lori Corriveau of Purdue University's vet school joins Steve and Molly to explain. Plus, check out Molly's cat drinking Scotch on ThePetcast.Com and a pet snake gets loose at the Google headquarters in New York, where folks are allowed to bring their pets to work.

* * *

No. 67: The Pet Food Recall Crisis Explained

The ASPCA's Poison Control Center director Dr. Steven Hansen joins Molly and Steve to explain the origin and mass confusion that's broken out amid the endless parade of pet food brands being recalled because of a toxic ingredient. He also offers some interesting historical information about when pet owners started using packaged pet food. If you need to check,the FDA's list for info is here.

Plus, Steve explains why Dicky, his amiable Westie, has moved out along with Miles' aunt, and how that's altered the dynamic in his home with his remaining dogs, Black and Jack, as well as his partner, Miles.

* * *

No. 66: Tail-docking in the Dock

Following on the quick chat the Petcasters had a few weeks ago about tail-docking, a listener and vet-tech joins Molly and Emily to explain why Emily is incorrect about whether puppies feel pain when they're getting their tails clipped. (Emily didn't think so.) Read an article on where taildocking is illegal here.

* * *

No. 65: Weimeraner are for Winners

Jocelyn and Sedona are on the air

Jocelyn Arter, director of the Las Vegas Weimeraner Club & Rescue and her dog Sedona, join Molly and Emily in the LVRocks.Com studio to talk about the breed and also about the Reading With Rover program, in which Sedona participates.

Plus, Emily is oddly bothered by a report that the US military has trained sea lions and dolphins to somehow catch seafaring terrorism. Molly, of course, is unperturbed.

* * *

No. 64: Grapes Are Toxic to Pets?!?

All of the above are toxic to animals. In honor of the ASPCA's Poison Control Week, Molly and Emily chat with Dr. Sharon Gwaltney-Brant, Vice President of the ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center, about the most common animal poisoning situations and what to do about it. Turns out, human medication is the most frequent problem for animals. But, to the surprise of the hosts, chocolate, avacado and grapes are also really, really bad ideas.

* * *

No. 63: The Puppy Bowl Producer

Emily and Molly quiz Molly Hermann, producer of Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, about her network's brilliant Super Bowl counter programming effort. Hear how it's done and how it's getting bigger and better. Also, buy the DVD here.

Plus, the Petcasters chat about the big pet food recall and Molly recalls a rather weird vanity plate she saw around Vegas.

* * *

No. 62: The Internet's Cat Connoisseur

Fraser Lewry, purveyor of CatsinSinks.Com,, and RandomKittenGenerator.Com, and several other feline sites, calls in from London to explain his online feline fascination. His blog is at

Plus, with Steve's wedding in the offing, the Petcasters ponder the role of animals at nuptials, Emily is planning professional mediation to help Archie mingle with her beau's dog, and a story in the news about a dog that died after warning her elderly owners of a house fire prompts Emily claims Archie can mimic fire engine noises.

* * *

No. 61: An Oink Oink Here

Nancy Shepherd, a potbellied pig breeder and enthusiast, calls in to talk about having pigs as pets and her website,

Also, Dicky loses a tooth and Emily talks about a dog she knows that bit a small child.

* * *

No. 60: Your Tale (Tail?) Published Here

Cynthia Kitchel, editor of the forthcoming collection of essays and pictures about people's animal-rescue stories called "Hopeful Tails," talks about how you can enter your story at BordersPetProject.Com. Proceeds of the book, published later this year, go to the ASPCA.

Plus, Molly and Steve discuss her $100,000 victory on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" (see her essay on her big win here) and take note of controversy in Seattle surrounding a luxury pet-goods shop called High Maintenance Bitch.

* * *

No. 59: The Turtle That Survived The Swallow

Shelby Terihay, 12, of Brandon, Fla., joins Molly and Steve to relate the story of her pet turtle, which survived being swallowed by her golden retriever.

Plus, Molly and Steve banter about a cat that alerted its owner to a housefire as the owner and the dog snoozed and about a new drug from the FDA for carsick dogs.

* * *

No. 58: Punch Drunk Petcasters

Learn more about Predator Watch

The Petcasters are a little punchy as they take on a litany of issues including a recent NYT Magazine piece on designer breeds, a heroic German Shepherd and how to save dwindling backyard bird populations. Plus, listener Bay Loftis from Tennessee (of the Grits to Glitz podcast) calls in to talk about why she's finally ready, after almost a decade, to get a new dog and is considering a rescue.

* * *

No. 57: Westminister Wrap and Petaholica.Com

Emily describes the outcome of the Westminister Dog Show and the joys of watching it on the TV. Then, Jordan Kaplan of describes his site, his cosmopolitan dog-pamperers and his New York-based dog-walking, petsitting business.

* * *

No. 56: Guide Dogs for the Deaf

Dogs For The Deaf CEO Robin Dickson explains the concept of service dogs for the hard of hearing and deaf, a follow-up to a story in the news recently about a parent suing a high school that is barring her deaf son from having his service dog with him in class. Dickson, whose father founded the organization and was a Hollywood animal trainer, explains where the dogs come from, how they operate and why they're important.
Plus, Emily tells the harrowing tale of Archie's Barbaro moment - and his triumph!

* * *

No. 55: The Animal Shelter Disaster

An aerial of the Lied Shelter in Las Vegas

The main shelter in Las Vegas made national headlines (including this one by Steve in the NY Times) for having to euthanize 1,000 dogs and cats this month amid a massive outbreak of disease. Humane Society shelter inspection expert Kim Intino, who uncovered the problems, joins us to discuss the disaster.

Also, Steve thinks the law requiring a $22 well visit per dog before the vet can give them their shots is a racket. Emily dissents, of course.

* * *

No. 54: He's On Doody

Pet-waste removal entrepreneur Lee Bowling of Memphis, Tenn., tells tales of life in the "doody" patch. His company is called On Doody. Also, a chat-room denizen reveals his turtle heartbreak and Steve and Emily marvel over their newfound fame thanks to an article in Lucky Dog magazine.

* * *

No. 53: A Dog Walked Into A Bar...

Click here to see this better. It's funny.

Washington State Sen. Ken Jacobsen discusses his bill to make it so pet owners can bring their dogs into bars. Emily is dubious. Also, Steve asks Emily to explain why her schnauzer's tail is docked.

* * *

No 52: Riding in Cars With Pets

A listener asks what to do about the fact that her Wheaton Terrier (not pictured above) is terrified of riding in cars. Plus, the Petcasters debate the Hemingway Home cat issue from show No. 49 Molly impersonates Stuff-Stuff's heavy-breathing phone persona and Emily grosses everyone out about her dog eating live crickets that fight back from beyond the jowls.

* * *

No. 51: The Holistic Vet

Holistic vet Dr. Cheryl Schwartz explains her alternative-medicine methods for animals. Schwartz is a 19-year vet who specializes in acupuncture and Chinese herbs for small animals and is founder of the East-West Animal Center in the San Francisco area. She’s also the author of Four Paws, Five Directions: A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats & Dogs. Also, Molly and Emily ponder whether too much was made of Barbaro the horse and who would win in a real-life Super Bowl fight, a bear or a colt. Plus, Emily offers advice on what to look for if you go to a dog show.

* * *

No. 50: ASPCA Tips on Saving Money

ASPCA VP Dr. Stephen L. Zawistowski offers tips on saving money for petowners. What's important? What's a waste? We consider fancy collars, teeth cleanings, animal clothes and pet insurance.

* * *

No. 49: The Hemingway Cat Flap

Hemingway Home CEO Michael Morawski joins the Petcasters to discuss the flap over the coterie of polydactyl cats, descendants of Hemingway's own Snowball, that roam the late writer's house. now a tourist attraction, in Key West, Fla. A neighbor complains that they're illegal and the USDA seems to agree. Plus, that Finnish study in pet owners and their health gets Molly, Steve and Emily into a feisty feud.

* * *

No. 48: The Star of E-Vets

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, star of two Animal Planet shows, joins the Petcast to discuss the newest program, E-Vet Interns, which premieres Jan. 22 at 9 pm ET/PT. Dr. Fitzgerald also talks about what it's like to work on animals with the cameras rolling. Also, Emily explains why she's NOT a vet.

* * *

No. 47: Do Animals Have Resumes?

How much does the doggie
in the window weigh?

Steve and Emily settle some old scores, including the questions of what updating a microchip costs and how much Dicky weighs. Plus, the return of Molly, Steve's not impressed by dog parks and Steve unearthed his dogs' hilarious resume.

* * *

No. 46: How To Make Fido a Star

Animal-actor agent Andrea Arden of the Dog Actors Guild explains how to make your furry friends famous and relates tales (tails?) of pushy stage moms. Plus, Steve is berated by a cranky neighbor for walking the dog in his robe...and Emily seems to agree!

* * *

No. 45: The Theme Music Man

Rufus MacLeod, Doug's muse

Steve surprises Emily by bringing blues musician Doug MacLeod on the show. Doug's tune, "Going To The Doghouse," is our theme. He tells us all about his dog, Rufus. Then we chat with a listener in Chicago, Shannon Mehling, who has some incredibly beautiful cats, and then Steve announces his verdict on whether he's serious about getting a cat.

* * *

No. 44: Timesharing Your Pet

Steve's friend Ed joins the Petcast from Fort Lauderdale to explain the arrangement he and his ex-partner have to share custody of their dog, Butch. Each get two weeks at a time.

Plus, Emily shares her experience shocking herself with an e-collar and Steve is frustrated that one or more of his dogs chewed the carpet and peed on the Xmas-tree power strip.

* * *

No. 43: Famed Trainer Brian Kilcommons

Famed dog trainer and author Brian Kilcommons (his site is here and his listings on Amazon.Com here) talks about dog-training tactics and common errors and tells Emily she needs to laugh more. Plus, Emily tells remarkable stories of dogs reunited thanks to microchips but Steve questions why it costs so much (or does it?) to update the information. Plus, the Petcasters and disagree vociferously over what Dicky, Steve's Westie, weighs.

* * *

No. 42: Petcast Potpourri

Happy Holidays from Dicky, Jack and Black!

Our special guest failed to call in, but the Petcasters kibbitz about a wide range of issues including one of Steve's dogs' possessiveness, whether rawhide equals doggie crack and Emily wonders if her Archie should keep doing agility trials. Plus, Emily saw someone at the dog park who spits food into their dog's mouth. Eww. And Emily describes her dog's first meeting with her possible beau's dog.

* * *

No. 41: When Cute, Wet Animals Attack

Emily gives a spooky, hilarious reading of a news story about sea lions biting humans and then Jim Oswald of the Marine Mammals Center in Sausalito, Calif., discusses that case and more. Plus, we play a clip of David Letterman cracking wise about a Sea World orca gone wild and could dolphins be used as emissaries of nuclear destruction?

* * *

No. 40: Meals on Wheels For Pets

Sandy Campbell, president of the Banfield Charitable Trust, discusses a national program this holiday season to provide pet food to needy people who receive Meals on Wheels. Find out how you can help. Also, you don't leave dogs in hot cars, but how cold is too cold to leave an animal in your vehicle? And do sweaters on animals matter?

* * *

No. 39: The Missing Championship Whippet

Have you seen this dog?

NYC-based Bonnie Folz, who is leading the search for the Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show prize-winning whippet, joins Steve and Emily from a park where the dog, Vivi, was recently spotted. Folz explains why so much effort is being put into finding this dog, which got out of her crate on the tarmac at JFK Airport. For the latest, click here.

Also, the Petcasters chat about the orca that attacked its trainer at Sea World in San Diego and discuss the notion of using "companion animals" instead of "pets."

* * *

No. 38: The Parrot Episode

Click here and here for video of Emily with Georgia

Our long-awaited parrot show is here! Amy Turner, Vegas resident and co-host of the Gritz to Glitz podcast, joins Emily and Steve in the studio to answer questions about having birds as pets.


No. 37: Cute Chris and Happy (?) Bulls

Chris Leavins, creator of the Cute With Chris video podcast, explains his daily show in which cute animals compete for the votes of the audience. Leavins uses the show to help get homeless animals adopted in his Glendale, Calif., area. Also, we play a bit of Steve's interview with Denise Abbott of the Professional Bull Riders Association on how happy the bulls used in the bullrider events really are. Really?

No. 36: Don't Animals Think?

click above for larger view

University of Florida professor Clive D.L. Wynne, author of "Do Animals Think?", explains why he believes that humans are the only creatures who canm actually think. He also acknowledges that it depends on what your definition of "think" is. Also, Emily has a dog-sitting mishap, Steve believes Dicky is barking less now that he's getting lots of regular walks and Emily is skeptical of holistic teeth-cleaning methods.

* * *

No. 35: The Chat From China

USA Today Beijing correspondent Calum McLeod joins Steve and Emily via Skype to discuss the Chinese capital's new one-dog-per-family policy, which has caused an uproar. Calum's piece can be read here. Plus, Emily enlightens Steve about how to keep a dog from eating poop.

* * *

No. 34: Inside Petfinder.Com

Kim Saunders, vice president of the wildly popular Petfinder.Com website, explains the site's history and future as part of the Animal Planet empire. Plus, Emily chimes in on the $4,000 cats from show 32 and what ought to happen to the pitbull from episode 31. And Steve and Emily mull the question of research on sexual orientation done on gay sheep.

* * *

No. 33: Shock Collars and Lobster

Two experts from the Heaven Can Wait sanctuary join Steve and Emily to discuss whether shock collars work to curb barky dogs and other canine behavioral issues. Plus, Emily explains why Archie (above in costume and props) dressed for Halloween as, uh, a...lobster?

* * *

No. 32: The $4,000 Hypoallergenic Cat

Steven May of Allerca join Steve and guest host Jimmy Diggs to explain the story behind his San Diego-based company's offering of hypoallergenic cats. The cats, pictured above, cost $4,000 each but apparently don't send most normally allergic people into fits. Also, Emily calls in from the local park where she and Archie are competing in the second dog agility trial of the season.

* * *

No. 31: Should This Dog Die?

Guest Shawn Eliades was mauled by his sister's pitbull, Six, as he tried to break up a fight with another dog in the house. Shawn is in studio to describe the incident while dog-attack expert Karen Delise, author of "Fatal Dog Attacks," joins Steve and guest-host Jimmy Diggs by phone to offer her thoughts on what should happen now to Six. Shawn says his family is struggling with the decision as to whether or not to destroy the dog, and Delise has some interesting thoughts on why rehoming him is a bad idea.

* * *

No. 30: Bark Mitzvahs and Barky Dogs

A Chicago woman, Kathy Schubert, describes her bike tour undertaken for the 13th birthday of her dog, Joey Schnauzer (above in yarmulke and tallis.) Also, a caller from Portland, Ore., needs advice on how to get his dog, Rudy, to quit barking at things outside a bay window, and Emily still plans to garb up Archie for Halloween.


No. 29: 'Impulse' dogs can be great

Steve disagrees with a guest from Petcast 28 (which he did not host) that you can't "just wake up on a Saturday morning and decide you want to go out and get a dog." Above is a picture of one of his two "impulse" dogs, Jack. Plus, Emily and Steve have a debate about the state of mind of people who give up their dogs to the pound and Emily's new beau has a dog that lost a fight with a cat.

* * *

No. 28: Do humane pet stores exist?

Stephanie Shain of the Humane Society of the United States discusses the tragedy of puppy mills (pictured above) and explains what they're doing about it. She also wants folks to check out before buying a dog. Plus, Emily corrects something Steve said a few weeks ago, Molly and Emily make a tasteless -- or is it tasty? -- joke about a bear-eaten chihuahua in Alaska and, later, share their turtle experiences.

* * *

No. 27: Katz on Petcasts!

Jon Katz, the best-selling author and Slate.Com's "Heavy Petting" columnist, joins Molly and Emily to discuss his theories on pets, his more controversial columnst for Slate.Com and the upcoming movie based on one of his books. Also, his verdict on Halloween costumes on dogs! See his books via Amazon.Com by clicking here.

* * *

No. 26: Simian Hearts Steven

[See video here or click on pix to make them bigger]

Mugwhy and his owner, Lisa Whiteaker, join Steve and Molly for a chat about the challenges and thrills of having monkeys as pets. Also, Mugwhy sits on Steve's head (see above) the entire show. Find out why. And check out Lisa's site, MonkeyZone.Com.

* * *

No. 25: Fido and Fluffy's Attorney

Attorney Amy Breyer, the first lawyer in Illinois to open a practice focusing on animal cases, joins Steve and Molly to explain how she got into her specialty. Also, the Petcasters ponder the drunk guy who bit a panda at the Beijing Zoo and the flap over whether to call dogs "canine-Americans."

* * *

No. 24: Sparky The Swimmer

Sparky Goldstein, the Internet phenom Jack Russell who can fetch things at the bottom of pools, is in the studio with Steve and Emily. (See above with Sparky's owner, Tom.) In the news, Saudi Arabia is banning cats and dogs and Ohio wants to ban puppy mills. Also, Emily is pro-Halloween for pets but opposed to dressing animals up for Hannukah? Hmmm.

* * *

No. 23: The Billionaire's Dogs

Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn describes how he designed his flight path to China to accommodate his dogs' bathroom needs. Plus, Steve's friend Walt believes his dog is a hypochondriac. Learn more about Wynn's special breed of dogs here.

* * *

No. 22: MySpace for Animals

Ted Rheingold, founder of Dogster and Catster, joins Molly and Emily to discuss the Myspace of petland. Plus, the top pet names and what happens when Emily's Archie sees food on a coffee table?


No. 21: The Cat With The Bling

Molly and Emily are joined by Dr. David Steele, an Indiana dentist who fitted his Persian cat, Sebastian, with a pair of gold crowns for his protruding bottom teeth. Plus, a discussion of whether the death of 'Croc Hunter' Steve Irwin was really that shocking after all. Also, a listener in Portland, Ore., asks about why his dog seems carsick in the back but not the front. Read about Sebastian here.


No. 20: Stuff + Cats = Funny

Mario Garza, owner of, talks about his hilarious site where folks pass along pictures on cats with stuff on it.

UPDATE: Click here to see Mario with his cat!

Plus, Emily talks about her car crash en route to a blind date and how the first thought she had was that it was good that Archie wasn't there. And a listener has a female dog that likes to hump. Why?!?

* * *

No. 19: The Otter Side

Emily thinks otters and border terriers look alike. Agree? See above. Molly guests and discusses a story where an otter threatened a dog. Plus, Bay (see Petcast No. 10) calls in with an update on her big flea problem. And Molly eulogizes a cat she knew. Also discussed: iguanas, poodles, fish and snakes.

* * *

No. 18: The Bunny Man

Canadian author Bruce Atchison talks about his book "When A Man Loves A Rabbit." Buy a copy of this loving memoir here. Plus, Steve talks more about his moving-in woes and the Pet Click of the Week is the PandaCam.

* * *

No. 17: Moving-In Mayhem

Steve's move is complete and Miles' aunt's Westie, above with Jack, has decided that Steve's da bomb. So where's that leave Aunt Barbara? And what do Miles and Barbara do when he's away this week? Also, Jorjan Powers, community director of the Assistance Dog Institute in Santa Rosa, Calif., joins the show to discuss issues surrounding assistance canines. Plus, did you know a small horse can lead the blind?

* * *

No. 16: Sssnakes on a Podcast

Joe Fitting of the San Francisco Zoo proves that Emily isn't actually warm to ALL animals as he chats about snakes as pets amid the hype surrounding that little-noticed disaster flick premiering this week. The Petcasters also discuss why they're not vegetarians except in some odd cases.

* * *

No. 15: The Boy Birder

Eight-year-old bird enthusiast Kyle Burt joins
Steve and Emily in the studio to explain why birds are a better hobby than dinosaurs. Kyle has 14 birds and, by the end of the show, has named one for Steve and his partner and "The Strip" co-host, Miles. Also, the Petcasters update listeners on the situation in China and discuss Disney's
efforts to dissuade parents from buying animals just because they look cute in their films.

* * *

No. 14: Dogs That Fly

Amid new airport regulations, Emily and Steve debate whether it's even a good idea to fly with ear-sensitive canines. Plus, Emily and Archie visit a hospital and Steve, a day away from the big move, wants Aunt Barbara's cute Westie, Dicky, (above) to stop barking so much. Also, Emily's brother-in-law calls again to tell us about the rest of the cross-country drive< with the yellow lab, Georgia Peach.

* * *

No. 13: Travels With Georgia

Emily's brother-in-law calls in from Missouri to report on the status of driving the world's worst car dog, Georgia Peach, from Memphis to San Francisco. Plus, Steve is audibly squirmy about bees and a dog eats Elvis' teddy.

* * *

No. 12: Chinese Dog Slaughter

More than 50,000 dogs were slaughtered in China in a bizarre, cruel effort to contain rabies. PETA rep Teresa Chagrin discusses the crisis. Plus, Emily and Archie are about to start visiting hospitals to bring some good cheer.

* * *

No. 11: The Cat Magician

Emily and guest host Molly chat with Gregory Popovich, the star of the Comedy Pet Theatre at the Aladdin Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas. Not to be outdone, Emily describes teaching tricks to Archie. Plus are Molly's cats
alcoholics? And the curious case of the cat glove burglar.

* * *

No. 10: Eradicating Super Fleas

A listener asks why her cat has a repeatedly recurring flea problem and what to do about it. Emily is joined by substitute host and two-cat owner Molly Ball, who explains the culinary reasons why she named her kitties Stuff-Stuff and Heavy.

* * *

No. 9: Dog-Friendly Retreats

Len Kain from Dogfriendly.Com talks about his site, where travelers can find pet-friendly hotels, beaches and even vacation activities.

* * *

No. 8: Replacing Frenchie

Steve and Emily squabble! A listener in IL asks how to help her young son transition out of the loss of his pet, but the Petcasters have different ideas. Plus, a site of Hitler-like cats, should an an aquarium show a dead whale calf and why the Chinese love wheezy dogs.

* * *

No. 7: Declaw Debate

Should declawing be illegal? Vet Jennifer Conrad of The Paw Project discussed her anti-declawing campaign and her upcoming documentary. Also, Em discussed two pet medical issues she's had this week, her dog Archie's histiocytoma and her sister's dog, Georgia Peach's paw problem. Finally, to lighten the mood, we mull Brinkley, a golden Lab running for governor of Alaska.

* * *

No. 6: Where's Tinkerbell?

Emily explains her Celebrity Week story about Paris Hilton's missing chihuahua and we play a clip from The Strip of Joan Rivers talking about her pets. Plus: Do people hike with cats? What's in Jack's poo? And what happened to Steve's Chinese pet bunny?

* * *

No. 5: Pets in Disasters

Humane Society VP Nancy Perry discusses legislation in Congress that would require local jurisdictions to consider the fate of pets in disasters. The bill emerged after the mess of Hurricane Katrina.

* * *

No. 4: Cat Under House Arrest

Steve prepares to move Black and Jack in with his partner's aunt's Westie, Dickie. Also, Emily explains how not to fry your dog in the sun, we chat about that attack cat that was put under house arrest and Steve recalls a cat he once briefly had, Amishew.

* * *

No. 3: The Cat in the Wall

Emily describes training and competing in obedience trials with Archie and the Petcasters mull news stories about a cat stuck in a wall and an alien in the belly of a duck.

* * *

No. 2: Pups on Parole

Harold Vosko of the Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary in Vegas discusses a program in which female inmates train dogs. Also, a listener asks if it's a problem that his German shepard carries a toy around all the time.

* * *

No. 1: Welcome

The Petcasters introduce themselves and describe plans for the show.



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