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Dear Recruiters and Assigning Editors:

From Siegfried & Roy's turmoil to the Las Vegas coroner's weird practice of posting gruesome photos of missing dead people online, Sin City provides an often bizarre, frequently serious, always bottomless resource of inspiration and assignments. My wide and varied interests are put to great use here in writing news, politics, features, pop culture, technology, travel and health for the nation's largest news outlets.

This site archives dozens of my best pieces from Las Vegas and beyond, including my years overseas in China and the random news-features I come across anywhere I go. I wander into the epicenter of some of the biggest stories of my time -- the butterfly ballot in 2000 and the 2003 SARS crisis in China come to mind -- but I also have a whimsical, curious side that has led to much of my Newsweek work.

Among the highlights:

Breaking News/First to report...

Meticulous investigative reports of...

Personal writings that include...

Innovative travel stories...

  • My critique of the new $2.7 billion Wynn Las Vegas.
  • My Little Brother and I grade Las Vegas' pools.
  • My Little Brother and his friend rank Vegas' animal acts/attractions.
  • A Boston Globe piece on Reno's attempted -- and mixed -- revival.
  • Major piece on Beijing and a live Q-and-A with readers.

Important business stories that examined...

Quirky takes on...

High-tech matters such as...


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