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The Kids: The Zellis Clan

[Click here to see my brother-in-law, David Zellis, in the news]

Chaim, 7 months, giggles! Nov. 2005

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Arielle with a friend at camp, summer of 2005.

Uncle Steven with Daniel, then 2, at Hannukah 2002

Stupendous Siona and Awesome Arielle grin form the webcam.

David, Sheryl, Arielle, Siona and Daniel celebrate Hannukah 2002.

Siona and Grandma Joan (my mom!) at her 60th birthday party. (Hopefully you can tell who turned 60.)

Delicious Daniel, otherwise known as "Rugrat."

First "Legally Blonde," now this! Arielle, Courtney and Siona take over DC!

Daniel takes care of David while he naps. (Wait - isn't it supposed to be the other way around?)

Arielle makes funny faces. (Funny ha-ha, not funny like it smells funny.)

Uncle Steven and Siona taking a rest. From what, nobody really k nows!

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