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Dr. Walter Herron turns 80!

To celebrate Walt's 80th birthday, Miles and I rented a penthouse suite at
Bellagio on Sept. 17, 2005, and gathered about 40 of his friends
from near (the neighbors!) and far (Tacoma!) for a wonderful bash.
Then, after the party, Walt and Terry got to stay in the suite that night.
As you can see, the party got a little wild...

The Grand Entry: Walt is brought to the room by Miles, Terry
and out-of-town friends Neena Pellegrini and her mom, Pat (not pictured).

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Walt reacts as he enters (above and below)

Barbara knitted this decorated jockstrap
which the esteemed
retired physician opted to don! Yikes!


Frank Herman is digging deeper.
For what, though?

Dr. Perry talks to Bill Shettler.

Here we are managing the bar.

Terry and Walt with me and Miles.

Terry and Walt with Neena and Pat Pellegrini
from Tacoma, Washington.

Miles and I greet guests.

Sam Noto hugs Walt.

Fred Jackson and Bill Shettler

Bob Moser (above) brought this beautiful cake (below left)

We offered a buffet of pies
from Marie Callender's!

Right: Walt blows, as usual.

Walt entertains Denise Duarte
and Pat Pellegrini.

Sam with jockstrap knitter Barbara.

Tarl Michael

Here we are in a quiet moment of
this busy, busy weekend.

Neighor Caro Vernon (left) and her friend.

Walt's piano teacher, Mallie Reichen,
and her husband Chris.

Trevor was such a great help setting up
and keeping us sane.

Silly Aunt Susan takes my picture. And I
take hers. You get the idea.

This was the view of the fountains
from the penthouse!

This is the view east.
Our house is out there somewhere!

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