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Sedona August 2005: The Guys At Play

[See page 2 of the Sedona 8/05 shots here]

Zach, Casey and Jamie atop the Gravel Pit peak, deciding whether to jump. Two did, one was smart.

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Zach jumps!

He looks (left), he leaps (middle), he floats (right)!

Casey jumps!

He looks (left), he leaps (middle)!
Yes, he lived.

Zach tells Jamie what it was like to jump!

Zach is fascinated by his nipple! 

Jamie didn't jump, but he did swing ropes!
Woo woo!

Casey with his Cheshire cat grin.

Bouncy, bouncy boys!

The guys, hard at work.

Jamie looks his usual, charming self.
Very handsome.

Zach lounges on the trampoline.

Casey and Jamie at the skatepark.
Tony Hawk and Stacy Peralta they're not.

Zach seems to be having balance issues.

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