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Cambodia Calling

So lush, so refreshing!
Two Khmer boys cool off in the waterfall of Phnom Kulen
See my TimeAsia travel piece on Cambodia by clicking here

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Intricate bas reliefs at a temple near
Angkor Wat outside Siem Reap.

A mammoth fig tree grows over a temple.

Danger of landmines still looms
in the Cambodian mountains where the Khmer Rouge
retreated after their fall.

The shadow of Angkor Wat at dusk,
one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

Queen Noor slept here:
This hotel in Siem Reap actually gets $1,900 a night
for this bed.
See my piece about it from Time by clicking here.

Skulls at the Killing Fields.
Cambodia is surprisingly honest about
its horrific recent history.

This stupa at the Killing Fields contains remains
of thousands of dead found in mass graves here.

Learning from the past:
In Phnom Penh, this twisted-gun statue is made
of old arms used by the Khmer Rouge.

Sunset over the Gulf of Thailand in the
beach city of Sihanoukville.

A Buddhist monk poses at the holiest mountain,
Phnom Kulen.

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