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The Macau Assignment, Part II

There's a lot of other Vegas-related building going on here. Most notably, Sheldon Adelson, CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp., already has a casino-only property,the Sands Macao, and the Venetian Macao opens on a region of reclaimed land a couple miles away from the downtown of Macau this spring called the Cotai Strip. By decade's end, Cotai will have about 8 Adelson properties.
(Note: Macau or Macao? It's a stylistic thing. Adelson chose Macao.)

[See page 1 and 3 of the pix, too]
[Click here for "The Strip" when Steve calls Miles from China]
[See Steve's pieces for Newsweek and Nevada Today or hear his 7-min clip on KNPR]

Steve stands before the Venetian Macao construction
site on the Cotai Strip. It'll have 2,000 suites, a Cirque
du Soleil show, 1 million square feet of convention space,
three canals, 250+ shops and a facade thrice
as big as the one in Vegas.

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The Venetian Macao, a model.
The Cotai Strip, a model
Sands Macao, the real thing.
This land is my land: Adelson has copyrighted (see the TM) the term "Cotai Strip" as well as "Asia's Las Vegas."   Riding low: Just like in Vegas, the taxicab is the vehicle of choice for advertising your casino.   Not so shabby: The Casino Lisboa, the flagship property of HK billionaire and former Macau monopolist Stanley Ho, has actually upgraded dramatically since Steve's last trip to Macau in 2004. This is the beautiful lobby. It's across the street from the Wynn Macau.

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