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The Macau Assignment, Part I

Newsweek sent Steve to Macau in late August to be the first journalist to tour the $1.2 billion Wynn Macau, which opened Sept. 6. He also interviewed Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson. What follows is a photo journal of that trip with exclusive first-look photos.

[See page 2 and 3 of the pix, including of the Venetian Macao building in progress]
[Click here for "The Strip" when Steve calls Miles from China]
[See Steve's pieces for Newsweek and Nevada Today or hear his 7-min clip on KNPR]

The Wynn Macau's sign, flanked by
massive road construction in the area.

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Bottom's up:
Standing at the base.
Betting on red:
The lobby.
The red lantern:
It's a bit much, isn't it?
Room for one: The chambers are identical to the Vegas ones, right down to the faux Warhol. But the walls seem a softer color, making it seem like a larger space.   Ni hao: A receptionist stands before a wall decked with a lot of gold leaf. Also on the wall is a faux Monet, which will be replaced with the real one by opening day.   Stupak's here, too?: That looks like the Stratosphere, but it's really the Macau TV tower. The site at bottom left is where the MGM Macau will be.

Louis Vuitton!

In the closet: Here's the sign for the rack rate. Divide those prices by 7.5 for the U.S. currency equivalent. So that's about $386 per night. And another $50 for a cot!


I saw the sign: Yes, that's the same font as you'll see at the Mirage, Treasure Island, Bellagio and Wynn Las Vegas. For more on that, listen to Wynn discuss it on the Sept. 15, 2005 edition of "The Strip."


Tight security: In Macau, everyone must go through metal detectors. So Wynn made even that look nice. Yes, that's really them. And yes, it's very annoying that they do that.

The cafe   The shopping hall   A view of the pool
More red: The entrance to Wing Lei, the Cantonese restaurant.   Crouch by the Dragon: The main dining room at Wing Lei   Group play: A group live baccarat game is one innovation for the casino here.
Practice makes perfect: The staff is learning to deal.  

Get there if you can: The scene from the Macau ferry terminal. To get to Wynn, you must go through here. It's a pleasant enough ride when the weather's calm. There are plans to build a mammoth bridge, which should be something seeing how this is a one-hour hydrofoil ride.

  Won't you be my neighbor?: This authentic, hard-core Chinese restaurant (where they serve "hairly soup" and "spam toast") is steps from the Wynn Macau.

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