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The Holiday Season in Vegas, 2005

Christmas morning at Jamie's house with the whole crowd.

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Miles and Aunt B
show off their loot on Xmas morning.

Steve fries up his famous potato latkes
at Walt and Terry's for, of course, Christmas.

Jo and Jamie show off their loot.

Barbara holds up her Mary Francis purse
sent by Sarah and Michael.

At Walt and Terry's Xmas table.

Dicky sits with our gifts for Walt and Terry.

Walt wears this, uh, headlight that Barbara
gave him for Christmas in case
he's stuck in a cave.

Aunt Barbara models it, too.

Miles works on trimming our tree
a few weeks before Christmas...

...and puts the star up!

Look! It's sort of a Jewish Xmas tree!

Here's our annual eighth-night
menorah picture. So pretty!

Miles, Kim and Dana Wagner pose out front
of Caesars Palace on New Year's Eve.

As Kim and Dana try to do their thing,
some creep is holding up a blow-up doll.

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