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The ups and downs of life are made better thanks to those select people who make us laugh and cut us down to size when needed. I'm lucky to have lots of folks to do this for me. Sadly, not all of them have digital cameras!

Trevor Price poses with Joey Arias, the drag queen star of Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity
at the New York-New York show's debut in September 2003.

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Beth Fisher and Rian Glassford
at dinner at Daniel Boulud's at Wynn Las Vegas.
Beth anchors News 3 at 4, the show
Miles produces on KVBC-Channel 3.

Walt Herron and Terry Wilsey, my
fairy godparents, at the gay center's Honorarium in 2004.

Janet Sawyer takes a click at
Todd and Jen's wedding.
Janet and I went to Northwestern together.

Roy Aarons and me in October 2004.
Roy, who founded the NLGJA, died the following month.
See my obituary on Roy by clicking here!

Our friends Todd and Jen
got married in May 2004.
Todd and I went to Northwestern together.

Shaun McKinnon and his partner, Albert,
relax in their home in Phoenix. Shaun and I worked
at the Las Vegas Review-Journal together.

Tony Plohetski poses provocatively with
a water bottle, although he didn't realize
it at the time. Tony is a reporter at the
Austin American-Statesman.

Mike Wilke with Steve at the 1998
NLGJA convention in Las Vegas, which they co-chaired.
Mike is a reknown expert on gay themes in
advertising. See his site at

Lyzette and Roland Austen
got hitched in September 1999.
Steve attended Northwestern
with the then-Lyzette Leal.

Brit Andy and West Virginian Rose
married in June 2000.
Rose was Steve's editor in Las Vegas.
Ahhhnndy likes to defend British humor
a lot, but it's a tough job. See their baby by clicking here!

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