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Miles and Steve get engaged!

[Hear us discuss it on the 4/20 episode of The Strip by clicking here]

On April 16, 2006, at a resort at Mount Hood near Portland, Ore., Miles agreed to marry me. Why Mount Hood? Well, Miles has this peculiar hankering for cold weather (which explains our residency in Vegas...or not) and so we slipped away for a weekend of fun in the snow. And no, we do NOT ski.

Here we are on Mount Hood, looking very Men-in-Blackish!
I considered proposing on the ski lift, but we were already
getting dirty looks for, umm, not having skis.


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Miles rides the lift up the mountain.

Steve up close at the lodge at Mt. Hood.

A stylish pose at the top of the lift.

Miles tried to get a shot of us both
on the ski lift.

Steve had the hotel lay out rose petals
on the bed. How sweet, huh?

Miles shot this from the lift at Mt. Hood.

A snowy, pretty view from the lift.

A snowy, sorta threatening view from the lift.

Steve has this weird thing about
state capitals, so we drove to Salem.
(It's his 33rd capital now. Woo woo.)
At left, he's in an old chair of the governor.
At right, he's that red dot outside the Capitol.


Miles was charmed by the
old-fashioned phone booths at the Capitol.

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