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China Daily Friends

Steve, Paul, David and Lori at the British Embassy Ball,
dancing to an ABBA look-alike band. Sept. 2001

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Debbie Mason was my best friend in China.
Here she works on a crossword at her old place in Beijing in 2002.

Me and Lori at Halloween.
October 2001

Lizi Hesling pours some tea in a hutong
she rented in Beijing in 2001.

Lou Ying, a Beida student who worked
as my USA Today translator and later
went to University of Maryland at College Park.

The lift lady at China Daily grins, as always.
I don't think we ever knew her name.

Gentile Sarah Leach of Michigan
cooks for Steve's Passover seder.
April 2001


Shaun McKinnon and me at the
Temple of Heaven on November 2001.


Fergus of Australia at the Halloween party.

Paul and Steve after sleeping
together (uhh, camping on the Wall!)

British couple Helen (far left) and Micky (in white)
were the social center at China Daily
for the first half of 2001


Katy Benner of Vermont.
July 2001

Leon, formerly a gay People's Liberation Army
soldier, figured out there was more
money to be made promoting dance parties.

Marc Christopher leans on me during an
all-night "rave" at the Great Wall.
Read more about it by clicking here.


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