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The Kids: The Arleo Clan

The School Portrait:
Garrett, 11, Nicky, 9, and Ally, 6.

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Allyson, 5, and Nicholas, 8, outside Southdown
School in Huntington, N.Y. in Jan. 2005.

Garrett is No. 17 at his basketball game in
January 2005.

Three kids and an ice cream cone.
A cute shot of Ally, Nicky and Garrett.
Summer 2000.

Nicky is He-Man! There he is after hockey practice.
January 2005.

Ally with Uncle Steven after school in January 2005.

Nicky eats!
January 2005.

Nicky and Ally help Garrett blow out candles
for his 8th birthday in 2002.

My sister Lynn and husband Tom own a limo
company on Long Island called T&R Limo.

Ridiculous Nicholas at the bat!

Garrett the Great can really make a goofy grin!
(Say that five times fast!)

Ally looks a little scared, but it might
just be the upholstery.

Ballerina Allyson is so pretty in pink!

Garrett, 1, and Courtney, 4,
at Grandpa's old home.

Lynn and Tom with Baby Nicky and Garrett, 3

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