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Zach's 16th Birthday Visit

[Click here to see Courtney's video from snowy Flagstaff]

On his 16th birthday, Zachary showed all he's learned.
Apparently, he can write his name. Woo hoo. And ewww.
Outside Flagstaff on 3/21/06 as we drove south in a storm.

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There he is, a young artist and his...

Once he zipped up, he tossed some
(hopefully clean) snow as he poses with Courtney.

I give a snow of hands.

Me and Courtney, Me and Zach.
You know who's who, I hope.

Eeek! It's snowing! Fun!

Just a pretty view of this
old train in Flagstaff in the snow.

This being Arizona, it was sunny
and bright for golfing the next day.

Zach lays with his tee.

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