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Steven and Miles' first adventure!

Two boys (One Jewish - oy!) and a Christmas tree:
Miles and Steven at the Korbel winery in Guerneville, Calif.
December 17, 2004

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How 'bout them casks!
Miles is all smiles.
(How many times you gonna read THAT
cliche on this site...)
Dec. 2004, Guerneville, Calif.

Steven does his two favorite activities:
sleeping and checking e-mail!
At the Hotel Healdsburg. Dec. 2004


Holy stripes, batman!
Miles & Steven at Dry Creek Kitchen in
Healdsburg, Calif.
December 2004

Steven takes time to grin as he waits for the plane to board in SFO. He grins a lot these days.
December 2004

A view from some perilous, winding road that freaked out Miles heading from Guerneville to Healdsburg in Sonoma County. December, 2004

Holy Atkins! Miles eats bread! Yikes! Must be a vacation. (Note the pig flying in the background?) At lunch at Korbel in Guerneville. Dec. 2004.

Our best night was the sensational dinner at
Charlie Palmer's Dry Creek Kitchen in Healdsburg, Calif.
Dec. 2004

Oh, gosh. He's smiling again. Wonder why!
At Dry Creek Kitchen.
Dec. 2004

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