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Steven: Post-2001 China

[See Friessmas 2005 here]

Here I am in my kitchen in April 2005 attempting to make Hamantashen, the Jewish cookie that
turns observant Jews into symbolic cannibals on Purim. (Really. Look it up.)
The point is, I'm domestic now, right down to wiping flour on my boxers!

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This was the first time I tried short, spiky
hair, in spring 2003. Cute, huh?

Here I go again, trying a blond coloring to my
hair in November 2003. Didn't work.

In Hong Kong in May 2004,
I check out the endowments of some rather
phallic seafood.

It's hard to see, but Black & Jack are nestled under
the covers as they always are on Sunday mornings
after Miles walks them and brings me coffee and the paper.


I'm decked out for a wedding in October 2002.

A nice shot from the banks of the canals
in Copenhagen in May 2004.

Someone should send this to the Diet Coke folks.
This is me at the real Eiffel Tower, not the one we havel
in Vegas. August 2003.

Yes I am:
Me at the Homo Monument in
Amsterdam in 2003.

I met Farij, an Iranian, on a flight from Beijing to
Seoul in May 2003 as I was en route to Sydney. For an hour,
we chatted via written notes -- he understood written English --
and enjoyed the sort of cultural exchange you can only
have abroad, that between an American Jew and a Sunni
Iranian. He was about to spend a year in South Korea
painting houses as some sort of work-abroad program the
Iranians do. I had been collecting foreign currencies and
asked for something small from him, which he gave me but
he refused to accept my U.S. I fished around for something
to give him and eventually figured it out: I had a pin
on my bag that read: "Teach Peace." That seemed to fit.

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