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Steven: The Early Years

I was 6 once. Really. Here I am in our old basement. Sadly, nobody had heard yet
that I hate chocolate cake. October 1978

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I also was 3 once. Here I am with my sister,
Lynn, and my mom, then a brunette.
Nice crown. Oct. 1975.

I have no idea why I'm smiling. I'm about to be
shipped off to Camp Winnaukee on Lake
Winnapesaukee, N.H., a god-forsaken place I suffered
at for eight weeks every summer for eight
summers starting when I was - yes! - 5.5 years old.
Maybe I had just gotten home?

My baby picture. Those dimples would come in
handy later on. 1973


I think this is Halloween with Lynn and Julie.

Here's my kindergarten photo, circa 1975. Look carefully and
you'll see that brown front tooth, a product of a root canal
and one of the earliest reasons the other kids tormented
me. And no, it's NOT because of that plaid shirt and overalls.
That was cool at the time. My mom said so.

I'm leaning over my Bar Mitzvah cake on
October 19, 1985.
Nobody's quite sure what that cake icing
is made of, but I'm thinking a cow is still
missing his skin somewhere.

Me with David Elias, my neighbor and childhood friend.
David was one of the few kids who were nice to me.
Most of the time, anyway.

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