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Siona Mara's Bat Mitzvah: The Party

[See Family pictures here]
[See Ceremony pictures here]
[See Siona's great essay on Chaim by clicking here]

The sanctuary is transformed into Party Central!

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Allyson, Nicky and Garrett Arleo
Can you tell who knew the camera was there?

It appears the lady from the Malka
Music Factory is slugging the
Bat Mitzvah girl!

Apparently in the Torah, there's a little-known
passage about wrapping Bat Mitzvah guests in
toilet paper. Who knew?

Garrett gets papered! 

After the toilet-paper verse in Genesis, there's
evidently something about a hat dance!

Garrett is apparently excited about
th hat dance, too!

This is what the room looked
like when we came in.

Just another party shot. 

Daniel with his best friend,
the Green M&M.

Nicky and Bradley also love
a nice flowered hat.

More of the Biblical Hat Dance!

Where's Daniel? Here I am!

MMM...The dessert tray!
(And, thankfully, not a kugel in sight.)

Look closer at the name on the cookies!

Siona, her mom and her grandmas
do the hora.

More hora. My mom wanted me
to dance, but I was kicked out
because I'm a boy. Boo hoo.

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