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Siona Mara's Bat Mitzvah: The Ceremony

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[See Party pictures here]

[See Siona's great essay on Chaim by clicking here]

Siona stands with her dad and mom (you know who's who, I hope) at her Bat Mitzvah.

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The sisters take the podium.

The Moishes, Grandpa and Uncle,
  with Siona at the Challah.

Big hair is back!

The Arleo boys are very, very blue.

Courtney, Mom and Grandma Claire
in the audience.

Aunt Lynnie cut off my head!
Still, this is Daniel's one sedate moment.

Steven and Grandpa Moish.
Sigh. They were so happy then. (?!?)

Silly Aunt Susan takes my picture. And I
take hers. You get the idea.

Because this was a women's celebration,
the boys were left outside for much of it.
Daniel didn't really like that.

Yay! We're allowed in!

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