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Sedona & Phoenix, July 2005

So cool, so refreshing!
Julie, Courtney, Zach and me in the pool in Sedona.
July 2005

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Courtney and me in the pool.
Guess who is who.

Zach smiles from underwater. Glub Glub.

Zach's first job, at the Cold Stone in Sedona!
We all get half-off! Woo woo!

Zach is learning to make waffle bowls.
He burned his finger. Oops.

Courtney spent two weeks this summer in
chemistry camp at school. Here she's got an egg
whose shell was dissolved by a solution.
I didn't understand what it was when she handed it
to me and squeezed it to exploding all over the place.

Julie's step-daughter Kaitlyn
also came swimming.

That weekend, I went to Phoenix where Miles
was judging the local TV journalism awards. We took in
a Diamondbacks game but we don't know who won.

Miles' colleague Chenier also was in Phoenix
and came to the game, too.

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