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Chaim Joseph Zellis and his Bris Visit

Chaim Joseph Zellis, born March 4, 2005.
Above:Here's the before and after!
Below: Uncle Steven and Miles visited in April for Chaim's bris and took
the Zellis kids bowling.

[See Miles' visit to his old haunts in West Chester, PA, by clicking here]

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Isn't he so CUTE?
Chaim takes a bath!

Uncle Steven cradles Baby Chaim
a few days after his bris in April

Arielle gets ready to bowl!


Siona waits for her ball!

Daniel, Arielle and Emily (a friend) check out the bowling scores.

Uncle Steven bowls!

Uncle Steven makes funny faces!


Big brother Daniel loves the Darth
Vader outfit his Grandpa Neil gave him.

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