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The Hannukah Party, December 2005

(Click here to see the rest of our NY and Arleo visit)

Daniel waves at the camera. The rest aren't too interested. Oh well.

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Allyson, 7, loves her furby!

The kids go crazy with their gifts!
Also, Nicky looks very weird at right. Hah.

Who's in Susie's Kitchen?
Seems like everyone!

Because we did our party before the actual
holiday, we had the kids read the story of
Hannukah. Here's Arielle's turn.

Ally and Nicky are so cute together.

Heather smiles for the camera,
which is a miracle similar to the one
that prompted the holiday of Hannukah.

The men just look like they're
having so much fun.

Tom lays on the couch for Garrett.
Hey, it works for Tony Soprano.

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