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NLGJA 2005: Out in the Heartland

Here we are at the Chicago River! I think we were skipping Ira Glass.
September 2005.

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I was honored to introduce
a tribute to the late Roy Aarons,
founder of NLGJA, at Saturday's gala.

Here I am on a panel with other
freelancers discussing how to not get
thrown in jail for tax evasion.


Bryan Weakland, Miles and I
take a picture at the Giant Bean, this wacky
sculpture at Chicago's Millennium Park.

Here we are LOOKING at the
picture to your left.
I think.

Bryan, who works at MSNBC in NY,
can't stay away from the peacock.

Hmm...a little off. Have a drink, Bryan!


Me with Randy Dotinga.
I have no idea what's wrong with him, either.


My friend Donna Cartwright
of The New York Times.

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