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Miles, Miles, Miles!

This is Miles Smith. Sigh.

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Those eyes. Wow.

This is the first photo I ever saw of Miles.
He's with Chenier Ferguson.
Tough call whether I wanted to meet the guy, huh?

Miles produces the First News 3 at 4
on KVBC-TV, Channel 3 in Las Vegas.

Miles with the truck at the Palms
at the "Elektra" premiere. March 2005.

At Sensi in Bellagio for my first
Conde Nast Traveler review. February 2005.

At Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island.
January 2005.

Miles in the Imperial Palace's
Luv-Tub Suite. (Thanks, Dan!)
December 2004

Miles gave up his Mercedes
(pictured behind him before he traded it in)
for a boyfriend. (That's me!)

Miles in Mount Charleston
December 2004

With my laptop in our living room,
probably playing Internet Scrabble!

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