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My Sisters: Sheryl, Julie & Lynnie

Weren't they so CUTE?
There's Sheryl, Julie and Lynnie. I estimate Lynnie is 3 here,
which makes it 1972, when Julie was 6 and Sheryl was 9. I would be Zero.

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Here's Lynnie at age 10 in the fourth grade.

Julie, 15, dressed up for Lynnie's Bat Mitzvah.
June 18, 1982

Sheryl is 4.

Lynn is ready for her Bat Mitzvah.
June 18, 1982

Aunt Lynnie with Zachary at his 1st
birthday party in March 1991.

Lynnie in her dance outfit with our
cousin Pamela. Lynn is probably 4 or 5.


Sheryl, 18, before Lynn's Bat Mitzvah.
June 18, 1982

Sheryl and Julie, probably about 4 and 2.
Nice bedspread.


Sheryl looks so happy in the pool with Julie.
Probably 4 and 6 years old.

Lynn is ready for her prom!
Who knew she'd make a career out of
prom-related business? June 1987.

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