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Helldorado 2004 with the KVBC Crowd

May 14, 2005
(Las Vegas Centennial Weekend)

Not bad on a pair of journalist salaries!
Oh, wait - that 1958 Impala's not ours.
It was fun to drive, however. And yes, Mr. Rogers, the thing is still pristine.

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We drove weekend anchors
Lisa Hidalgo and Gerard Ramalho,
neither of whom could throw those KVBC
keychains all that well...

...which is why these people are crawling
on the ground in 95-degree weather.


Because they're not on TV enough,
John Fredericks interviews Lisa and Gerard.

There goes Kim Cappozzo and Dana Wagner.
How Kim found a maternity outfit in the same
odd orange color as the rest of our shirts
was of great fascination to the rest of us.

Miles gets to drive! Yay for Miles!

Miles calls Aunt Barbara to tell her we're on TV!
(No, Mr. Rogers, he wasn't driving while talking.)


Jack my realtor, Terry my fairy grandfather, and
Frank, his neighbor are spotted along the route.

Oh, hello there!
(No, Mr. Rogers, I'm NOT sitting on the seat.)

We waited 100 years, so what's another
four hours in the heat, so long as there's a
Mexican restaurant around the corner or something.

Evidently, it is true:
Everybody DOES love a parade!



I was stunned to see the Falun Gongers
had a float, and even more stunned to realize nobody
I knew know what Falun Gong is. Yikes.


It's over! Yay!

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