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Healdsburg, Dec 2005

Mirror, Mirror:
We squeeze in for this reflective shot in Healdsburg, Calif.

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Steve's shadow sneaks into this shot
of the vineyards of Healdsburg, Calif.

Miles displays the bathtub
at the Inn on the Square, which we
toured for Steve's travel assignment.

Miles in the bay windows at the Inn.
on the square. He's so handsome.

Craig Nesler joined us for a day
of browsing wineries in the Dry Creek region.

This is Charlie Palmer's exquisite
Dry Creek Kitchen. Yum.

Nancy Skall of the charming Middleton
Farm picks persimmons. Skall is
a key character in my upcoming article
about Healdsburg.

Nicky and Ally help Garrett blow out candles
for his 8th birthday in 2002.

These were the desserts at Dry Creek Kitchen!

We caught the leadoff of
Healdsburg's Christmas parade!

Gallo of Sonoma.

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