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Grandma Grandma: April 14, 1916 - December 9, 2003

Read my eulogy to my grandmother, delivered Dec. 11, 2003, by clicking here

My grandmother, Claire Friess, was my best friend. I miss her every day.
Here she is with my dad, Neil, and my Aunt Susan, in 1945.

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With me in her classic "Happy Hannukkah" sweatshirt
in December of 1994.

Elegant and proud with my parents
and my other grandparents
at their wedding, July 6, 1963.

Bathing my oldest sister, Sheryl, in the
Bayside home in 1964.

An utterly elegant shot with Aunt Susan
as a young girl in the late 1940s.


With Grandpa Moish at their 60th anniversary
in June 1998.

Holding baby Garrett, 3 months, with Grandpa and
baby Siona, 1, at Hannukah in my parents' Syosset
home in 1994.

With my cousin, Matthew, at his birthday
at some point in the late 1980s.

With my sisters Julie and Sheryl, who is holding
Siona at Hannukah 1994.

With my mom, Aunt Susan and cousin Heather
in the early 1990s. Looks cold out!

With baby Arielle in April 1995. (Thanks to Siona for
correcting that by noticing the word 'Abington'
on the sheet!)

With baby Siona, 1, in Dec. 1994.

With me, Grandpa and Aunt Sadie
at some point in 1993.
(I can tell by my big boots.)

With me, mom, Grandpa, Aunt Susan, Uncle Richard
and, unseen in Grandma's arms is baby Heather.
That makes this 1988.

At my graduation from Northwestern in June 1994.

Grandma talks, Grandpa looks positively terrified!
Date uncertain.

With Garrett, 8, at Hannukah in December 2002.

With Dad, Sheryl, Siona and Aunt Sadie
at Hannukah 1994.

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