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The Girls Take Vegas! (December 2004)

We paid $20 for this picture:
Miles and Steve with Jamie, Heather, Arielle and Siona after the
Lance Burton show at the Monte Carlo during the girls' visit to Vegas.
December 26, 2004

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A groggy trio of gals are
happy to arrive in Las Vegas!
(Love the stuffed toy, Heather!)

We also visited Julie and Zach in Sedona,
where it rained the whole time, so we
made the brilliant indy flick,
"Baba Yaga, the Evil Child-Eating Witch"

Once rested, these gals took over
the town! Here they are in front of Paris.

We pose after a rather wet ride at Adventuredome.

Look at those smiles!
Steven & Miles with a grinny Arielle.

Siona, Heather, Jamie and Arielle. Notice that pink
jacket -- and that grin! -- are in almost every photo!

Siona and the pussycats prowl
Uncle Steven's kitchen for scraps.

Oh, gosh. She's smiling again. This time,
she's sitting above Uncle Steven's bathtub.
What fun, huh?


Silly Uncle Steven and Arielle (that grin, again!)
play with toilet paper from the Blue Man Group finale.

Jamie and Heather, sittin' in a tree...
Also, what's with the bottle being shoved in Heather's back?

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