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Emily and Archie's Day At The Park

He leaps, she scores!
Emily is trying to get Archie to pass an 14-step
obedience obstacle course in April 2005.
It was a valiant effort, but he didn't pass this time.

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Archie must sit on this thing for a certain
amount of time before getting up.
He does it!

He also has to walk up and down this
see-saw thing, which he doesn't really want
to be bothered with.

Yay! He skips over this thing with great aplomb.

He also swishes between the poles
without much trouble. That seems really
hard to get a dog to do!

He refuses to jump through the circle.
That's enough to not pass in this
brutal dog-eat-dog world.

Her head's in the way, but that's
Archie happily going over the bridge.

The happy couple!

After the trial, everybody's a critic. Emily
gets an earful from this guy about what to do

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