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China Scenes From 2001

A Chinese soccer fan wraps herself in her flags
in Shenyang in November 2001 as China qualifies for the World Cup finals.
[See my piece on Chinese soccer from USA Today by clicking here]

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Chinese love basketball, too!
Especially... da Bulls?
[Read my China b-ball coverage by clicking here]

The Chinese are inveterate card players.
Here they are at the Temple of Heaven.
October 2001

Chinese women are fairly liberated these days,
as seen by this woman's T-shirt.

The sunset view from my window
at the China Daily apartments in Beijing.

Go China!
More scenes from Shenyang and the basketball.

The frame of the old church in Macau.
cooks for Steve's Passover seder.
April 2001

A massive naked statue stands in the
world's second-largest public square in Changchun.


Images from the all-night "rave" at the Great Wall.
Read more about it by clicking here.

The view from Victoria Peak of Hong Kong.



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