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Welcome home, Black and Jack!

Say hello to our boys!

So here's the story: We went to three shelters on April 30, 2005. At the first one, Miles liked a big brown dog, I liked a big black one. At the second one, we loved a pretty Jack Russell, but we would've been 12th on the waiting list for her. Then, at the third, the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, we spotted these two chihuahuas -- inseparable brothers! -- in a cage. They had been given up by a family that couldn't have so many animals in their apartment. We have renamed them Black and Jack! Their birthdays are Dec. 27, 2003, and they immediately decided we were their new daddies.

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Black naps in the office...
with one eye open in case I move!

Jack and his cousin Dicky,
Aunt B's puppy, at play.

The brothers stretch and pose.

Black, Jack and Dicky
cuddle with their Daddy/Uncle

As Steven works, the pups nap...
often undercover!

Miles cuddles with the puppies
in the guest room!

Steven holds the puppies
upon their arrival home!

Black rouses to any noise, even a
clicking camera. Jack doesn't.

Jack sips water from Steven's ice cream dish!


Miles and Black get to know each other.

The puppies love each other very much.

After an exhausting day,
Black and Jack take a nap.

The boys cuddle with Steven in his office.


Black wakes up from a siesta!

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